CNC Internal Grinding Machine PMT FIG 280WT - Details

CNC Internal Grinding Machine PMT FIG 280WT

Machine capacity - 
Grinding bore Dia max- Ø 300mm
Grinding bore Dia min- Ø100mm
Grinding depth max-180mm
Max chuck Dia -Ø550mm
Workpiece loading height- 1200mm
Work head
Work head mounted on - Turret
Swivel Max - 2 deg
Work head spindle- external use - A2-15 Type
Spindle through bore -Ø 50mm 
Driven through- AC Servo Motor
Step speed range - 50 to 300 rpm
Work head turret
Turret mounted on - pedestal
No of fixed indexing position - 2
Axis drive - AC Servo Motor type
Max indexing angle - 0-90 deg fixed angles 
Cross table - X axis 
X axis mounted on - Z axis
Travel Max - 120mm
Least input increment -0.001mm
Rapid traverse rate - 5mm/min
Ball screw size - Ø32mmx5mm
Servo Axis Drive - AC Servo type
Position feedback - Linear scale incre. & Incr. Rotary encoder             Longitudinal table - Z axis
Z axis mounted on - pedestal
Travel Max - 500mm
Least input increment -0.001mm
Rapid traverse rate - 10mm/min
Ball screw size - Ø32mmx10mm
Servo Axis Drive - AC Servo type
Position feedback - Incr. Rotary encoder type
Wheel spindle for bore Grinding
Type of Spindle - HF spindle
Driven through - HF Drive
Spindle OD -Ø 170mm
Lubrication - Oil Air Lubricated type
Wheel dressing system 
Dresser Type - Cylindrical /face 
Dresser Actuation - Fixed
Dresser Compensation - Through CNC
Hydraulic Unit -
Tank Capacity - 120Ltrs
Motor Power - 1.5Kw
Pneumatic System
Machine input air quality as per DIN ISO std- DIN ISO 8573-1
Input Pressure - 6 bar
Centralized Lubrication System
Lubrication type - Centralized
Operating pressure Max - 10 bar
Tank Capacity - 3 Ltrs
Motor Power - 0.09kw
Coolant filtration system
Coolant filtration system - paper band+ magnetic filter type
Tank Capacity - 600 Ltrs
Coolant pressure - 2-3 bar
Coolant flow - 120LPM
Electrical details -
Service voltage - 415±6% AC
Control Voltage - 220 AC & 24V DC
Frequency - 50Hz ±3%
Insulation - Tropicalized type
CNC Control Panel 
CNC Control System - Fanuc Oi-TC
Floor plan 
Basic machine and fully enclosed machine enclosure - 
Weight of the Machine - 10000 Kg Approx.

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