Voumard 3A internal grinding machine - Details

Voumard 3A internal grinding machine

Specifications - 

Technical data
Min. internal grinding diameter 3.0 mm
Max. internal grinding diameter 50 mm
Grinding depth 80 mm
Centre height 200 mm
Workpiece spindle speeds: 
    number (steps) 5
       from 350 rpm
       up to 1200 rpm
Max. angle 120 °
Spindle hole 25 mm
Possible grinding-spindle speeds: 
    from 9000 rpm
    up to 120000 rpm
Grinding table travel: 
    min. 2 mm
    max 300 mm
Table speeds: 
       from 0.10 m/min
       up to 10.00 m/min
Voltage 50 Hz 3x 380 Volt
Drive for internal grinding spindle 15.0 kW
Machine's weight about 2200 kg
Overall dimensions machine: 
    Length 1800 mm
    Width 1500 mm
    Height 1600 mm
Various accessories: 
Face grinding attachment 
Internal grinding spindle: AIR
    number 1
    max. speed 80000 rpm

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